Moon is now waxing in Scorpio so you may be confronted with seeing the shadow side of those around you. Whilst often painful to acknowledge, it helps us see people, warts & all which is honest.

The shadow is simply the behaviours of the lower self – the wounded child / teen within who says & does things from a place of reaction or wound. The more we disassociate from our wounded aspects by rigidly adhering to a self-image that is love & light the more damage our unacknowledged aspects unwittingly create.

We can all slip into this way of operating if we don’t take adequate time to process our own thoughts & feelings, through journalling, sharing circles or private counselling.

Such conscious processing enables us to take full responsibility for our own choices so we don’t unconsciously blame others as a way of avoiding a confrontation with our own shadow.

Scorpio transits show us the truth – the whole truth, by creating catalysts for us to become aware of the shadow…in ourselves & in others, who may behave one way in front of us & another way covertly, rather than openly acknowledge their conflicted feelings.

We all have a light & a dark side. The more we acknowledge our own darker thoughts & feelings the more integrated our psyche & the more authentic & trustworthy we become as we value truth above all else, which enables us to walk in integrity.

If you would like more info on owning your shadow to become wise, check out my Rainbow Bridge Retreat, here in Ubud, December this year

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