Moon will be void in a few hours or so – meaning we’re in the final degrees of Scorpio & not making any major aspects, which is a welcome relief in this most intense of signs that there’ll be less chance of being triggered emotionally by those around us.

Intensity is something often seen as a trait of social misfits – those whose one-directional focus is off-putting for those not comfortable with passion, which is the ability to completely own & express one’s feelings.

‘In-tense’ is simply the ability to be completely in the present tense…feeling on all levels what is true for us in the present moment.

Understandably, we numb, distract & disassociate when feelings threaten to overwhelm us. However, this can become a way of being – eternally shut down from the totality of our being as a way of coping with over-stimulus.

This semi-conscious way of being, living half-lives devoid of passion has become the norm in our busy modern lives which expose us to more information than our psyche’s are able to adequately process. This is more so in cities where people are constantly being bombarded by billboards & advertising messages 24/7.

Even watching dramas on TV is stress inducing as our subconscious doesn’t discern between what we see on a screen & real life – so if you find yourself plugged into the high’s & low’s of fictional characters and it’s bleeding into your waking world, leaving you too depleted psychologically to deal with your real life demands, do yourself a favour & take a break from manufactured drama. Whilst your shadow Aphrodite may feed on drama as a way of feeling alive by living through others, it is an addiction we can choose to feed or take our power back.

Blessings on your day,


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