The heat is on! Yes, despite the physical weather forecast today, you may feel as if your inner thermostat is being turned up as we collectively make the inner shift from ‘peace & smiles’ Libra to ‘You can’t handle the truth!’ Scorpio as the moon (which governs our inner self) moves from Libra into Scorpio.

This means both the sun & moon will be in Scorpio, asking both our inner self & our outer world to transform so it’s in alignment with highest truth. The degree to which this will affect you corresponds to the degree your outer world reflects your true self.

Do note, even if we strive to be transparent & authentic in every waking moment, Scorpio can dredge up something we weren’t aware we were denying or suppressing. Needless to say, this can be accompanied by intense emotional experiences, which act as a catalyst to alert us to what needs to change & the importance of making that change a priority in our lives.

So, if you start to feel like a cat on a hot tin roof, do pause to ask yourself, ‘What am I feeling antsy about?’ For navigating dark moon in Scorpio is best anticipated by reconnecting to what is currently true for you – yes, time to whip out that journal if it’s been gathering dust.

Another helpful tip is to UP your self-care as the darker side of Scorpio emerges when we don’t heed the lesson of it’s opposite polarity Taurus. The lack of self love creates an imbalance which can see people obsess about or seek to destroy what they once loved or created from love.

Blessings on your day,


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