Happy New Moon in Scorpio Everyone!

Scorpions are crustaceans from the arachne (spider) family who shed their hard shell. So new moon in this constellation ask us what needs to be shed. What past robes of identity have we outgrown?

Spiders have the body of a figure 8 – just as Scorpio is the 8th sign of the astrological mandala. This continuous sacred symbol is also the infinity sign signifying the free flow of energy that happens after we learn the lesson of balance in the previous sign of Libra. 8 is the number of power, which is right use of energy. So today is a good day to ask – am I using my energy wisely, in a way that will empower my future?

Instead of fearing spider – the symbol of feminine power, the power of the creatress who spins her own thread to create her own fate…instead seek to ask, ‘What is the web I am weaving?’ Will it support me, will it uplift me as an act of beauty…a powerful day to craft a dreamcatcher or any domestic art using thread in a conscious way to anchor your sacred intent – such as socks knitted with love!

We have been taught to fear spiders (just as we were taught to fear serpents, the other totem of Scorpio). We have been taught to fear our own power. So today, if you receive the ‘kiss of the spider woman’ – a truth which causes you to question the destiny you are weaving with your words (both spoken & unspoken) say thank-you humbly to Great Grandmother Spider for her soul medicine & rework your masterpiece in accordance with your soul’s deepest knowing.

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Blessings on your day,


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