Moon is still waning in Scorpio so this is an ideal time to move some emotional energy in a creative way.

Whether you dance, sing, paint or drum doesn’t matter but while the moon is in this sign of emotional intensity it will only help you to discharge blocked or unexpressed emotion if you want to avoid an eruption or meltdown.

Signs you have unexpressed anger include:

– a tight jaw (clenching to avoid screaming)
– biting your tongue (for fear of what you’ll say if you’re honest)
– rashes & itchy skin (needing change)
– irritable bowel (digestive health is also a factor)
– swearing more than usual
– craving a drink

Signs you have unexpressed sadness include:

– spilling water
– avoiding feeling by overworking or being busy
– going to be late to avoid connecting with self
– using constant distractions like TV, movies or Facebook
– having excess mucus (unexpressed tears)
– feeling heavy & tired (the element of water weighs us down)
– not wanting to get out of bed & face the day

When we reconnect with ourselves by attuning to the unexpressed feelings within us & allowing them expression, we free ourselves from the need for unconscious behaviours which mask our feelings & keep us in a state of disassociation. This helps us to be more present with ourselves, those around us & the task at hand.

The tracks on my Chakra Workout double CD (also available as an MP3 download) are great for moving e-motion – ‘energy in motion’. So consider gifting yourself or someone you love with these 10-15 min active practices you can do in your lounge room to shift blocks & feel energised & radiant. Here’s the link .

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