Moon is moving through the last degrees of Scorpio today & into Sagittarius where she’ll stay for the new moon.

So, we are asked to be mindful of how we use our words…to heal or to harm.

This will be pronounced by the sun in the constellation of Ophiuchus – the healer formerly known as Asklepius who abused his power to both heal & harm so was banished to the stars.

One of the lessons of Sag, the wise centaur who was father to Asklepius is to be discerning in how we use our power – in this case the hero learns to understand the power of sound.

One can play an instrument with conscious loving intent or unconscious destruction & the vibrations will affect the sound waves in a space accordingly, affecting all within earshot.

So too, the words we speak carry either energetic barbs like arrows which can wound others with the energy behind them or melt other’s defences with the resonance of an open heart.

Today is a day to notice the power of sound.

Use music to uplift you, tone to strengthen your personal energy field & speak words with love.

Blessings on your day,


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