Moon is now in Scorpio, which can take us to the bottom of our ocean to explore our deepest thoughts & feelings within our psyche.

When we feel so much in our inner landscape it can make it a challenge to interact with those around us, particularly if we feel as if they don’t meet us there, understanding how deeply something affects us.

Ultimately, Scorpio moon is a time for swimming with our own Soul – so meet yourself there, show up fully inquisitive & enquiring through the subtle perceptions of imagery, sensation, perception & nuance to navigate yourself through the unresolved thoughts & feelings you encounter.

Art is a wonderful way to bridge communication from your deepest understanding, so if you feel a tad bereft today, this is often a sign there is much to be journeyed within – consider spending your evensong with gentle music & a candle to guide poetry from your pen or paint from your brush that will reveal your inner canvas.

Blessings on your day,


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