Moon is waning in Scorpio making this a good time to acknowledge & discuss any power dynamics in your work or home life which aren’t healthy for anyone.

By that I mean, admit where you or those you interact with have a habit of avoiding self-reflection & self-responsibility. Such as not humbling themselves to say sorry when they’re at fault, for fear of appearing weak & lowering their social status…or scapegoating others to deflect their own shortcomings.

Such behaviour results in temporary external power over others, which creates a climate of fear & mistrust. Power is not appreciation, love or genuine respect so if we seek power rather than love this dynamic erodes trust, loyalty & intimacy, which undermines any type of relationship – with partners, co-workers, adult family members & between parent & child.

The most healthy & happy relationships are transparent, as openness creates deeper levels of trust & connection.

Moon in Scorpio is an opportune time to air ‘what lies beneath’ – the hidden or unseen aspects which have the potential to destroy what we create, if left unchecked.

There are no winners in an unconscious power dynamic & they can only exist to the degree we resist calling others to be accountable for their actions by speaking up.

By stating what we observe, we face our fears & take our power back. This act brings the light of awareness to behaviour which is covert or simply unaware…in the shadow.

The ancient practice of sharing circles is where we experience both ourselves & others being transparent & accountable. It anchors what it is to be part of a healthy group dynamic, which is safe on all levels – emotionally, psychologically, energetically & physically. Often we don’t even realise we haven’t truly experienced this, until we discover what it is to be in a group where each person is equally honoured, seen & heard. This is deeply healing.

I’m very passionate about this after growing up in an unconscious power dynamic as a sensitive Scorpio child who saw the shadow clearly. So I created online courses to teach people how to experience conscious group dynamics through the practices of men’s sharing circles & women’s sharing circles. This awareness will change how you operate in all your interactions, empowering you in every sector of your life.

Here’s the links for the men’s online course to learn how to facilitate groups of men:

Here’s the link for the women’s online course to learn how to facilitate groups for women:

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