Moon is still waning in Scorpio so do gift yourself some water therapy today to soothe your nerves during the lunar transit through this sensitive emotional sign.

Scorpio transits help us identify what’s driving our behaviours so this is a really good time to journal, given we’re in a waning lunar phase as you’re sure to get some ‘A Ha!’ moments.

Scorpio lunar transits increase our interest in what makes people tick & understanding the human condition so we can alleviate the intensity of our suffering.

For while we may not be able to change our situation in the current moment, we can – through insight, shift our perspective through greater understanding which is akin to getting out of jail.

So do pick up one of those self-development books you bought with good intent but never seem to find the time to read. As even a few pages at the end of the day will bring more light of understanding into the days that follow.

Blessings on your day,


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