Moon in Scorpio

Jun 21, 2021

Today’s Luna Guidance for Moon in Scorpio

Moon is still in Scorpio so whatever you’ve been holding on to – a grudge, old viewpoint or outdated belief…now is the time to let it go or it will eat away at you and lower your vibration to one that attracts circumstances to match a slower, denser thought form or emotion.

We are all being asked to release our sandbags so we can lighten up and evolve as a collective, hence our children embracing the Disney track, ‘Let it Go’ from the film, ‘Frozen’. to remind us.

Scorpio is a fixed sign that really intensifies our emotions so as the moon is moving through this sign today, (regardless of your star sign) you may feel more reactive than usual to those who have played the role of old foes in your journey.

The lowest expression of this sign is ‘an eye for an eye’ form of vigilante justice. (This is the level of thinking that has kept wars going between countries for generations.)

During a lunar transit through Scorpio, past conflicts may again rear their head to give us another opportunity to play them out differently. Easier said than done when our emotional body gets charged with an injustice which leaves us feeling powerless.

True power is found when we can observe a reaction within us but instead take a moment to center ourselves and engage with the wisdom of the Higher mind. Otherwise we are condemned to another round in an age old battle.

Sub-ruler of Scorpio is Mars, God of War and the ruler of Scorpio is Pluto, God of the Underworld who shows us the dark side of humanity.

If you want to free yourself of being ruled by these aspects, raise your inner serpent of kundalini through an intention to shift your lower emotions and thoughts through dance. This will help you shift the energy up out of your lower energy centers so you can transcend your lower urge to react. The serpent is the second stage of the Scorpion.

The third stage is the eagle, this is when we can see the bigger picture and view life from a winged perspective.

Did you know the lunar mysteries were once part of the Grail tradition? To find out more, watch my FREE video series, The Magdalenes and the Grail here  

Blessings on your day,



Who were the Magdalenes?

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