Moon is now moving through the last degrees of Scorpio, making this a powerful time to sit between the worlds & attune to inner guidance since Scorpio is one of the most psychic of all the signs.

The more we do this, the more ‘The Force’ can align us with our highest destiny. Malachite crystal known as ‘the stone of destiny’ is helpful to meditate with for this purpose.

Simply hold the crystal to your third eye (place of inner vision between your brows) & state your intent telepathically to program the crystal. It is ideal to cleanse the crystal first.

Sense the energy of light between everything & in everything to open your heart with the pulse of all life, slowing your breathing down as you enter deeper into communion on the inner planes of existence. When you feel calm, centered & expanded – ask how you can serve The Force then sit in a state of observance of all subtle phenomena, such as inspired ideas, sensations, visions, intuitive downloads of knowing or sounds.

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