Moon has now moved into Scorpio…that means do what you can, but don’t push the river or emotionally you may not be able to contain yourself, despite your best efforts.

Scorpio is the most emotional of all the signs so when the moon moves through this sign, (the planetary sphere which rules our emotions) we can feel as if our emotions are just beneath the surface.

On a positive note, this creates deeper emotional connection if we dare to share our authentic feelings with those whom we trust not to shame or ridicule us.

This is one of the reasons Scorpio has a reputation as the most passionate lover of all the signs, because this influence ensures our touch & tone is fuelled by a depth of feeling which is felt by the receiver. After all, our body consists of 7 bodies (sheaths of energy) & each has it’s own ability to perceive the intent of another.

So rather than the perfect body being the requirement for a great lover, it is in fact the purity of intent that will send another into ecstatic raptures. I speak more about this in my book, ‘Creating Sacred Union in Partnerships’ which is aimed equally at singles & couples, regardless of gender preference. It’s available as an ebook or paperback here:

Your day will be blessed if you honour your emotional sensitivity & that of those around you. 🙂

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