Moon is now waning in Scorpio – an appropriate moon sign for Easter…the celebration of the resurrected sacred masculine.

For thousands of years prior to the patriarchal religious cults people gathered at this time in gratitude to the sacred kings.

Those special men who journeyed to the Underworld to integrate their feminine & return whole, mature & ready to serve the greater good. Their tales were told to inspire other men to follow suit.

Regardless of which spiritual tradition you were raised in, may we remember those who walked before us & led by example, their noble masculinity…

Tammuz, Adonis, Buddha, Jehovah, Yeshua (Jesus), Osirus & Mohammad…to name a few.

The return of the sacred masculine within all men is now essential if we are to transcend the problems facing us on our planet.

Today is a day to consider what we can each do to accelerate the return of the sacred masculine.

Blessings on your day,


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