Moon’s moving into the sign of Scorpio today after a brief period void, so you may notice the Universe ushering catalysts for you to make some changes, especially if you’ve been putting off making them.

This is because Scorpio elicits the serpentine aspect who sheds their skin to rebirth themselves anew. (Regardless of your natal Sun sign, this applies to all of us presently since Luna governs our inner self.)

So consider what you can shed. What symbolizes the past chapter which you are ready to release? As relinquishing stuff from our past moves our stagnant energy on all levels, assisting us to prepare for new opportunities for growth.

If we hang on to the past, we do not make the room for the new. If this fills you with dread, perhaps embrace becoming the ‘Great Deity of Recycling,’ as reconnecting with the cycle of life helps us release, knowing both we & others will benefit from us letting go. i.e. Look at what you no longer use & consider who would get more use out of it & gift it to a friend, neighbour, charity or local school or sell it on a community swap meet on Facebook.

Perhaps the Earth is one of your Valentines this year?

Teaching our kids the benefit of not holding tightly to the past better equips them for all the changes they will need to deal with in their own lives.

The moon has a few tricky planetary aspects for Valentines day with it making a square to both Pluto and Saturn creating feelings of internal power struggles and separation as well as it’s opposition to Uranus forming the possibility of disruption and plans changing. There is a little support coming from Luna’s sextile with Mars offering the ability to harmonise feelings and actions along with the trine she forms with the Sun assisting us to express through action. 

Blessings on your Valentines day,