Meow! Moon in Scorpio often calls forth our inner Wild Woman who governs our base (primal) energy center. (Whether you’re male or female).

This influence can increase our libido, but only if there are no issues swept under the carpet. For if there are any unresolved disagreements or hurts, this transit spurs our inner wild woman to open Pandora’s Box – to examine them & get to the truth, which may be temporarily uncomfortable, but worth it as honouring truth is the only road to restoring trust & intimacy on all levels.

Yes, risking an argument is foreplay for an authentic wild woman. She wants assurance she can surrender herself, that you are worthy of her opening herself to you on all levels.

Anything less is a betrayal of Self.

Regardless of your relationship status…if you’re wearing red & black today – your wild woman is in ‘da house! As these are the colours of the base chakra.

The more red, the more vibrant your inner wild woman is feeling. The more black, the more burnt out / subdued her life force is.

The best way to feel truly alive is to speak / take action according to your truth. As the more authentic our lives, the more life force & libido we have.


With the moon forming a harmonious trine to both Mercury and Neptune as well as a sextile to Jupiter this is a great time to express not only yourself but the vision that you have, the self that you are creating.

Blessings on your day,