Moon is now void (not making any major aspects) till she finds her way to Scorpio, on Thursday, 12th at 8.28pm Melbourne, Australia  (, so your libido may return after a short or long vacation today.

If you’re mojo has been ‘on ice’ you may find yourself feeling a tad narky as Scorpio is the sign of sex / death & rebirth.

If we don’t experience the animalistic thrill of being pursued, feeling vulnerable, completely surrendering and succumbing to the circle of life we become so pent up that we seek to kill another’s ego with a look, a word or action like the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland, ‘Off with his head!’.

So if you find yourself looking to put someone’s head on the chopping block today, spend a little of quality time with yourself couch side or send your mate a text with the words, ‘Do I make you horny, Baby?’ (to quote the sex-meister, Austin Powers)

If none of that does it for you, might I suggest a good ol’ fashioned game of chasey with your kids or friends / housemates in your yard or local park. This childhood game provides a similar opportunity for the rush of life force to make you feel truly alive, followed by the death of the ego when you are caught.

A few rounds of that & you’ll be too puffed to be cranky or righteous.

With the planetary aspects of Luna squared to Jupiter, beware we may find ourselves to be overly sensitive to others words or actions, though try not to ignore these feelings. It’s invaluable to reflect on what caused them for our growth and personal learning, learning through obstacles.  Luna is also squared to Saturn, contemplate gratitude and grace to avoid falling into internal personal struggles or feelings of separateness.  

A day for cleansing and contemplation, maybe with a cup of healing herbal tea.

Blessings on your day,