Moon is now waning in Scorpio, so you may notice your libido is back since Scorpio is associated with the base chakra – the energy center located at the base of our spine which connects to the life force down in the center of the Earth.

So if you’ve been lacking in energy, send your roots down from the base of your spine where the base energy center is located & visualise red revitalising energy travelling up from the center of the Earth. 

You may wish to visualise this intent as you self- pleasure & breathe the energy up into every cell. This is important to remember when single as we can direct our life force for healing of our entire being by ‘lighting our own fire’. The more young men & women who practice conscious sacred sexuality within their own temple, the less they will be tempted to engage in erotic liaisons that dishonour them.

Bringing this energy up will ignite your passion, your creativity, increase your longevity & activate your authentic self to speak up & be held.

Waves of pleasure & release on sound enables us to rebirth ourselves anew during this window of death & rebirth.

Luna is in opposition to Uranus, so you may experience unexpected interruptions, be mindful and know this soon shall pass. 

Blessings on your day,