Today’s Lunar Guidance For Moon into Scorpio


Only one day to go till full moon in Scorpio so if you feel suddenly comatose you may have so much unexpressed emotion that you just shut down in overwhelm & fall asleep. 

This is because emotion is the element of water…so imagine walking around will full buckets of water. You feel heavy because your load is heavy. 

So too when we are heavy with unexpressed emotion we can find it hard to find the energy to interact with others – especially if they’re the ones triggering our unexpressed emotions. 

Today the moon is moving from Libra into Scorpio at  5.04pm Melbourne, Australia time. Wed May 6th (To convert that into your local time visit


This is going to up the ante emotionally.

So emotional outbursts may occur – especially with young children (or wounded inner children) & this will often mean the truth will come to the surface to expressed. This may feel decidedly uncomfortable but ultimately is necessary for integrity & transparency.


The key is to be the caretaker of our own emotional states so we don’t vent them all over each other. 



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Blessings on your day,