Today’s Lunar Guidance For Moon In Scorpio 


Happy Full Moon in Scorpio everyone! Magic is afoot.



Congrats on surviving the lead up to this wave of emotional intensity. After exact full moon today you’ll feel some relief if you haven’t already had a breakthrough. That occurs at 8.45pm Melbourne, Australia today Thursday, May 7.

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It is also the Wesak full moon – Buddha’s birthday. We can birth the Buddha within – one who sees the divine in every experience by consciously entering into this portal of heightened energies in a spirit of surrendering to Highest Will.



For this cross-quarter festival is a huge vortex for accelerating our growth. It is when the veils are thinnest between the dimensions, making it a potent time for sudden realisations of increased awareness. The full moon in Scorpio assists with an increased ability to discern truth. 



If you’re in the southern hemisphere, this is the time to see & own your own shadow (denied aspects) rather than shooting the messenger for pointing them out or crucifying others for their shadow. 



If you’re in the northern hemisphere, this is the time to embrace wholeheartedly opportunities for growth, knowing we never feel completely ready to move beyond what is familiar. 



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Blessings on your day,