Moon in Scorpio

Dec 1, 2021

Today’s Lunar Guidance for Moon in Scorpio

Moon is now void as she heads into Scorpio at 10.55pm ADST. (To covert that to your local time zone visit here 

So lessons around sex, death and truth are likely to rear their heads over the next couple of days – fun times! 

Yes, when Lunar transits through Scorpio we can feel an arousal in our libido…however this urge to merge and dissolve the ego in the oneness of union can flush out all that impedes and obstructs union, making this a time of truths that can be hard to hear but necessary to face, if we want to be truly authentic and empowered. 

Power is another key theme of Scorpio. So you may find sexual dynamics reveal power plays in your psyche which you enact outwardly in an unconscious attempt to assert power over another, keeping your vulnerability at bay. 

Behaviours such as coercion, seduction, manipulation, withholding and domination can all mask a reticence to be truly open, available and naked on all levels – the very qualities that create sublime states of union and are undermined by power plays. (Despite the Hollywood depiction that power plays are the stuff of great romance…another illusion from the dream factory. From ‘9 and a 1/2 Weeks’ to ’50 Shades of Grey’ we are shown degrees of degradation and control over the innocent as eroticism.) This is on the same frequency as porn. A ‘power over’ model of human sexuality that only stimulates the base chakra animal selves who wants to take or be taken. Yes!

Our primal aspects need to be included in the dance but there are many other colours – far more exciting than gray to be explored as we journey to meet all the colourful selves that make up our psyche and share them with a lover. 

Unfortunately multi-dimensional sexuality is yet to hit our screens because screens will never capture that which is imperceptible to the naked eye. So explore the terrain within, go to the dark, wild places inside – feel your frustrations and own them rather than enacting them on others to vent your disowned anger at men, women, your mother, father or God. 

Seek the truth and love will find you.

Just as the Moon is honoured for its different phases, your evolving Womanhood can be too.

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Blessings on your day,




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