Moon is now in Scorpio… will you dive in to experience the depths or merely dip your big toe in?

Yes! Today is not a day for standing round the water cooler if you just want superficial small talk. This is because Scorpio transits drive us to want to know ‘what lies beneath’, so any interaction over the next couple of days is likely to probe you for your deepest thoughts & feelings. Whilst that may seem a tad invasive for some, it’s the fastest way to really know someone, so we feel more connected to them which inspires union on all levels. (This is perhaps why Scorpio is renowned as being the most sexually magnetic of all the signs.)

So…do dare to know those around you more deeply, (not necessarily as a precursor to erotic union although this is a good time to dust off your negligee) but to create more trusting & authentic connections between you & those around you.

Weather wise: don’t be surprised if it rains, more common when the moon moves through a water sign. The gentle element of water helps us to soften & become more available to each other emotionally.

Blessings on your day,


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