Moon in Scorpio

Jun 11, 2022

Today’s Lunar Guidance for Moon in Scorpio

Moon is now moving into Scorpio which often elicits where we feel empowered in our lives and where we do not. Feel free to comment below where you feel empowered.

This makes it a good time to examine where you give your power away.
In other words, how are you playing small, running stories of ‘poor me’ keeping you in a stasis of victimhood? 

Where are you stuck in dependency? Be it financially, emotionally, physically – handing your authority to something outside of yourself and giving it the ability through your perception to ‘make you’ feel good or bad / big or small. 

We are each the creators and creatresses of our own lives. We are responsible for the stories we perpetuate and life experiences we are creating. 

For example, if we subscribe to drama as a way of getting love and attention we will unconsciously create more struggle and hardship. Whereas if we make a conscious decision to not settle for anything less than a divine experience that is what we will manifest accordingly. 

Scorpio transits ask us to take our power back. This is usually done by taking right action such as speaking our truth or addressing an issue proactively that’s been causing us to feel minimised. 

Remember, no one can take your power unless you give it to them. Consider taking a moment to consider who you’ve put on a pedestal and then resented for not being perfect. Your parents, partner, teachers, friends etc etc it is always the easier option to play small and criticise others for not fulfilling your projection that they should be perfect. It is much harder to instead focus on your own shortcomings and take full responsibility for living a truly authentic and empowered life, regardless of the choices of others.

Blessings on your day – may you stand in your full authentic self. For everything is easier when we walk in alignment with our truth.



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