Moon is now in Scorpio as the lunar energy wanes in her 3rd quarter, making this a great time to gain life-changing insights! So attune your X-Ray vision glasses to penetrate what lies beneath.

In other words, before you react to those who seek to tell you some home truths about your modis operandis that you’ve been oblivious to – consider this moment is the benevolent universe offering you exactly what you need…even if its challenging to your ego.

Scorpio offers us transformation through intense emotional experiences…so whilst its tempting to create stories that spiral us into dense dimensions of thought that don’t really serve us when someone triggers our wounds. BREATHE – bring the energy into your heart & bless the messenger.

This gives us the space to see the truth beyond the illusion of hurt.

The truth will set us all free & today may be just the day.

Go forth truth seekers & metamorphosize!

Blessings on your day,


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