The waning moon remains in Taurus, so it’s time to ground your intentions with follow through and commitment. Why?
The recent moon in Aries can fire us up to say, ‘Yes!’ or even make a start as Aries lunar transits tend to get us excited about new opportunities but the shadow side of Aries is that we can lack the follow through. This is because Aries is a cardinal fire sign which means – great at instigating projects but can get bored and walk off the job in order to play.

So if something new piqued your interest in the past two weeks or you were steaming ahead on a project you feel passionate about, don’t allow the enthusiasm to wane or you may find it hard to keep going as the moon wanes over the next two weeks.

Find ways to renew your enthusiasm with short-term goals & celebrations to mark each milestone. Whether you’re overseeing potty training or managing a corporate team – same rules apply. Uni-verse: one story, universal lessons.

Taurus is most fond of food so consider treating your team to a great meal for a job well done if motivation lags…with the golden words, ‘when we’ve done this, we’ll have that’. Why?

Taurus can be the most lazy of all the signs & the hardest to motivate – like an immovable rock. So the secret to getting gnarly jobs done is to link it to pleasure. The more we link the association the more chancemovement will happen.

Blessings on your day,