The waning moon is lingering in Taurus.

Positive Taurus moon teaches us to be resourceful with what we have so we feel abundant and grateful as we are. This emits a frequency which affirms we have what we need, so we attract more experiences to reflect that affirmation.
So, if you confront an obstacle today, consider what resources you have at your disposal to respond in a creative
way, rather than anchoring old limiting stories around lack and struggle.

It is by no mistake that Taurus also teaches us self-love, as it is ruled by Venus, (the planet of love) which asks us to
remember everything is an outward manifestation of how we treat ourselves.
So our greatest shift in stepping into the flow of divine providence comes when we start giving to ourselves, rather
than skimping for fear of not having enough. To do that we need to first take the time to identify what we truly need to sustain ourselves on all levels; emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically. Otherwise, we swing between
denying the self and then splurging on wants that comfort our wounds as a quick fix compensation…often
exacerbating our problems.

Try instead
– Going to a Red Tent women’s circle once a month every new moon to support yourself emotionally and mentally.
– Have a play date every first quarter moon as a stress release once a month to blow off some steam and lighten up.

All of life is cyclic, including us – so it stands to reason the way to live balanced lives is to structure cyclic routines.

Blessings on your day