Moon in Taurus

Jan 3, 2023

Today’s Lunar Guidance for Moon in Taurus. 

Moon is still waxing in Taurus so you may notice Aphrodite or Adonis surfaces in your psyche to ask that you pamper their needs.  

These inner aspects thrive on beauty.  

Whether that’s…  

  • an act of kindness  
  • soulful creativity exquisitely expressed  
  • a gentle heartfelt touch  
  • true understanding of your sacred intent  
  • a perfect moment in nature  
  • uncontrollable laughter with your dearest friend or rapture through your senses  

This is a wonderful day to indulge our need for true beauty as the food that nourishes & uplifts our Soul.  

The concept of beauty is often hijacked by the ego who either denies the need for it, based on their judgment that such frivolities are an indulgent waste of time & energy or it can become a relentless pursuit of an ideal that is in fact unobtainable & a distortion of who we are at our core.  

So go fill your cup with that which makes your heart sing & gift someone you love an act of beauty to show your deep appreciation of you they are in your life.  

The moon will be void from 9.15am to 1:44pm Sydney time as she makes her move to Gemini at 1.44pm. 

A void moon is when the moon is moving through the final degrees of a sign and without making any aspects to other planets. 

(To see that into your local time, click here

Blessings on your day,  




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