Moon is still waning in Taurus. So this is a great time to really listen to your body & what it’s trying to tell you. Every body is different & the needs of our body change from season to season. Often we adapt to feeling under par & come to accept it as normal…but our body’s natural state is one of thriving health, so if you aren’t feeling truly alive – then make a date with your body today. Close your eyes & take your awareness to any discomfort or tension in the body. Then take your awareness into one part at a time & ask that part of your body what it needs.

Our body has it’s own consciousness, with every cell containing divine intelligence beyond our rational comprehension. If you are more sentient, you may find it easier to hold your hand over parts of the body that feel weaker than others & perceive through the chakra (eye of God) in the palm of your hand what is indicated for highest health. We have eyes of perception all over our body. The more awakened we become the more our whole being is awakened, which heightens our sensitivities. Sensitivity is a sign you are awakening to perceive through all your bodies – from your physical body through to all the layers of your subtle energy bodies. You are your best physician as you can feel & perceive your body like no one else & what it needs. Neglect of the body often results in us trying to get love, comfort & nurturance through quick fixes like sugar that further weaken our constitution…so do something loving for your physical body & all your subtle bodies will be better supported.

Blessings on your day,



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