Moon is now in Taurus, so if you don’t feel like moving you’re feeling the influence of this Earthy sign. If you’ve been manic, then this lunar transit will help you to slow down & come back into your body…so you don’t spin off center like a top out of control.

Like the adage, ‘Go to ground’ this is a time to conserve your energy and consider how you can be resourceful with what you have rather than expending more energy, in every sense.

So this is a good day as Luna is waning, to be gentle with your body and nourish it with some gentle stretching, wholesome food and relaxation time.

A great way to ground is to lie on the Earth. Whether you stretch out in the sun on a blanket to read a book, do yoga on the beach or sit with your back against a tree and merge your roots & branches energetically with the tree to commune.

This is a great time to get your hands in the Earth & do some weeding. This is a great way to slow the mind by doing something with your hands, to allow clouded thinking to clear.

Blessings on your day,


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