Luna has now moved into Taurus, so you’ll find things run smoother if you accept this is not a time to try & move at a fast pace. This is because Taurus is an Earth sign, causing us to feel heavier and slower than usual.

Through slowing down, attuning more to the physical senses we release the unsustainable expectations of the task-oriented mind, and instead take the time to notice natural beauty, savor pleasure and appreciate opportunities to enter the stillness.

A Taurus lunar transit helps us to just ‘be’ by accepting ‘what is’ in the here & now. It is from this place of noticing, not just what is happening externally but our response to it internally, that we are able to identify the lesson and feel gratitude rather than feel at odds with our current reality.

Taurus is a very affectionate sign, so don’t be backwards in demonstrating your love, support and care for those around you through physical touch…the more we are touched the more our bodies sing, making them healthier and happier. So look for opportunities to reach out & touch someone with tenderness.

Blessings on your day,


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