Moon in Taurus

Jun 1, 2019

The Moon is still in Taurus so this is a time to respect the innate wisdom of our body consciousness. Why?

Taurus is an Earth sign, the sign of Earthly love – that’s everything in the material plane of existence, starting with the microcosm of the Earth Mother herself – our bodies.

Our bodies store everything we have experienced. So if you start manifesting aches, pains or injuries – your body is try to release whatever unprocessed event you’re still holding on to.

The opposite polarity of Taurus is Scorpio…whose lesson is transformation through intense emotional experiences. (All the Scorpios are nodding)

Everything in our Universe is part of a polarity we must endeavour to balance. So if we pride ourselves on keeping it together, not wearing our heart on our sleeve or being ‘over-emotional’ in front of others it may be time to rethink our strategy or upgrade our healthcare plan!

Welcome that Virus or Bacteria as Divine Intervention!

The ancients welcomed acute illnesses as they understood this was the body’s way of detoxifying & restoring health. Many people are now aware that fever & menopausal hot flushes are the body’s way of transmuting old energies. Similarly, childhood illnesses like mumps, measles & chicken pox were once accepted as part of the body’s way of developing a stronger immune system.

Our scientific breakthroughs have led us to think we can outwit nature, which is really to compensate for our fear of nature. This extends to a fear of illness because illness demands surrender, to what is essentially a shamanic initiation into the abyss of chaos, calling us to journey something unknowable within our psyche on all levels of our being.

This is why those who boast they never get sick are often the one who end up with something really serious when they do. They save up all their pent up stress for a rainy day…then it hails.

Everything that happens in our waking world is symbolic. The more we understand this, the less we have to repeat the same lessons through chronic illness.

Blessings on your day,


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