Moon is now waning in Taurus & it’s last quarter moon, making this an ideal time to prioritise some quality time with yourself.

Last quarter moon is when we feel less social & more inclined to take a bit of space for ourselves so we can attune to our needs on all levels & replenish.

When the moon’s in Taurus, we best fill our cup through sacred beauty. So be generous with yourself…invest in yourself, give generously to yourself with your time, your attention & your love in sensuous ways.

Allow yourself to immersion in deep pleasure, which melts away stress, brings us into the present moment so we are fully available to the goodness of life.

Let your Aphrodite out, let yourself be unashamedly feminine – the world needs you to be – but most of all, so do you!

And I’m not just speaking to the women. Men, pamper yourselves for you deserve it too!

The more full our cup of self love, the more loving choices we make & the more radiant we each become.

Blessings on your day,

If you would like to learn cyclic ways to practice self love, agape love (brotherly / sisterly love), bhakti love (devotional love) & eros (erotic) love – regardless of your relationship status, join me for a journey through the chakras on a magical mystery tour across the rainbow bridge that will transform your life.


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