Moon is still in Taurus – which is likely to slow us down so we move at a pace that our body is comfortable with, rather than our head – so go easy on yourself if you don’t get through that long ‘To Do’ list that your persona may have presented with you since the Sun (which rules our ego) is in Virgo, the sign of work & organization.

Since the moon rules our inner self, you may feel some inner conflict today as the moon persuades our collective inner self to take the day off work to ‘do something nice’ – regardless of your personal sun (star) sign.

This is because a lunar transit through Taurus can bring out our Venusian nature, causing us to seek out opportunities for beauty, pleasure & culture to fill our senses – which helps us to unwind the mind & relax. That said, if Venus is too dominant we can blow off our responsibilities completely because ‘girls just want to have fun!’ & be a ham or drama queen about it, adding insult to injury.

Whereas, if we completely deny Venus in our lives, we deny our bodily pleasures & joy & become a complete bore to be around. So instead of feeling relaxed & available to the good things in life, we don’t handle change & become stubborn – passively resisting the inspirations of others & comforting ourselves with food, shopping, alcohol, sex or gambling.

So try to find a balance between work & pleasure today, as we navigate the energies of moon in Taurus & Sun in Virgo.

Consider giving yourself a self-pampering sacred bathing rite with Aphrodite if you need to unwind…draw a bubble bath, put on a face masque & listen to my guided meditation to meet your inner Aphrodite (the Greek name for Venus). Available as a track on my Inner Goddess Meditations Album¬†

For those keen to dive deeper with Aphrodite and the other archetypes, enrolments are still open for the next round of my Inner Goddess Online Course, which starts September 10th

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