Moon is now in Taurus which will help to settle the recent energies of the past week. Taurus moon helps us to slow down & remember to smell the roses instead of driving past them at high speed in a tank! (Shadow Aries).

Being a fixed sign, Taurus will help you focus more easily & go deeply into the task at hand, especially if it engages your physical senses…a great time for gardening, cooking, woodwork or other handicrafts.

Taurus helps us make love instead of war, by showing our appreciation for all the good things we have rather than finding fault.

On the flip side we can dig our heels in & become an immovable rock. So if you found yourself polarising over the past few days & insist on ‘your way or the highway’ be mindful you don’t become so rigid now that you end up feeling your body sound the alarm with stiffness & muscle pain. If you do, dance, do yoga or swim to relax into the flow & open your mind to being flexible, especially with those who don’t appear to mirror your values.

Taurus governs our values…what we value most. So if we encounter those with different values during a Taurus moon we may feel the rage of the bull instead of the loving temperament we feel when surrounded by those who value what we value.

This is the real test of love – can you love unconditionally? Can you love someone different from you? It is easy to love those who experience the world as we do – the challenge is to appreciate the beauty of those who don’t.

Blessings on your day,


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