Happy full moon in Taurus everyone! This is my favourite day of the year…when the moon is full in the sign ruled by Venus, the planetary sphere of love opposite the sun in Scorpio (my birth sign) & the sign of metamorphosis.

Today is a day to celebrate the power of love to transform this shared creation we are each manifesting with our every thought, word & deed.

I was heartened some years back to see Disney brought out the sci fi film, ‘Tomorrowland’ to reassure the children of these transition times that the future is most dependent on our perspective. For if we believe in a positive outcome, we contribute to it – whereas if we focus on a pessimistic world view, that will form our future trajectory.

Today is a day to love – yourself, each other & the world around you. Taurus moon helps us love the physical, sensual garden of our bodies & our Mother planet, so consider communing with nature in some way…whether you spend a moment appreciating natural beauty, indulge in sensual pleasures to heighten & excite your senses or hug everyone that will allow you to merge with their heart space.

To read more about todays full moon energies, check out my astro forecast here https://themoonwoman.com/astro-forecast/

Blessings on your day friends of La Luna!


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