Moon is now waning in Taurus after yesterday’s full moon, so you may find that Luna’s luminescent light called you to ponder the mystery into the early hours in favour of slumber.

Fortunately, full moon is when we’re most likely to weather lack of sleep rather well, since the emotional energy is high – keeping us in high spirits.

This can lead to feeling ungrounded, so honour this beautiful energy of Earth sign Taurus by doing something to love your beautiful body who carries you wherever you wish to go, who enables you to sing, dance, hug & hold, kiss & smell the rain.

Consider what you can do today to express deep reverence & gratitude for your body. Perhaps there is a long overdue apology needed to your body consciousness for neglect or criticism.

We are each fractals of the body of the Great Mother – so when we withold love from our bodies, we dishonour the great gift it is to have physical form to enjoy the fruits of her sensual garden.

The more we disconnect from nature, the more we disconnect from our bodies & view them as imperfect & impose upon them the will of the rational mind, rather than deeply appreciate the blessings bestowed upon us through our earthly senses.

Loving the skin you’re in – has nothing to do with beauty creams & everything to do with every choice you make having an awareness of the impact that has on your Beloved body.

Blessings on your day,


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