Moon is still waxing in Taurus on the eve of the full moon in Gemini, so take any opportunity you can to ground while the moon is in this Earth sign, as this will help you not to experience emotional meltdowns, mania or insomnia as we ride the wave of heightened energy that full moon generates.

This is particularly important to observe in the lead up to a Gemini full moon as Gemini is a young air sign. So regardless of our own chart, we can be ‘in our heads’ & not in our body which can lead to doing things quickly rather than thoroughly & taking on too much.

So if you’ve been running around like a goose the past two weeks, look for what you can put off to when you have more time to attend to it. This will help you to avoid making errors in haste & being scattered energetically.

Also do one or more of the following simple ways to ground your energy include:

– eat regular protein & root veggies
– get to bed before 10pm to ensure deep sleep
– walk around barefoot or lie on the Earth
– do anything physical such as sports, dance, baking, craft, self pleasuring or lovemaking
– gardening
– clean your toilet
– have a massage or swap a foot massage
– do the Tree meditation to send your energetic roots down.

Those of you who are pregnant, around full moon is the most popular time for babies to be born so keep that in mind & ‘be prepared’. 🙂

Blessings on your day,


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