Moon is still in Taurus, (an Earth sign that highlights the needs of our body). So…you may find you need to clear your body with therapies such as acupuncture, massage and reflexology.

This is because our body is the container for everything we feel. So it often needs help moving deep, heavy emotions which oscillate at a very slow vibration & can cause muscle seizures.

Every part of our body has a story to tell, so if you are experiencing any physical discomfort consider what it symbolizes in your life – such as a frozen shoulder which is akin to one’s wings (shoulder blades) seizing up as we forget to view life from a winged perspective.

A lunar transit in Taurus is a good time to reconnect with our inner ‘Queen of Sheba’ who doesn’t skimp on our needs.

Touch is also the most primal form of love so if it’s been a while since you were hugged or surrendered to deep sensual pleasure, now is a great window to affirm you deserve love by organizing a barter with a friend who does bodywork or finding a local massage therapist for a deep relaxation massage.

Blessings on your day,


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