The moon is now waxing in Taurus. This is a day to ground yourself in the physical world since Taurus is an Earth sign that seeks pleasure through the 5 senses.

So regardless of our sign, since the moon influences all of us simultaneously & impacts our moods we’ll all feel emotionally more balanced & content if we get some time:

– in the garden
– doing something with our hands, like a craft
– swapping a massage
– cooking something for pleasure
– going somewhere to enjoy natural beauty
– pampering ourselves with a natural spa treatment

If we don’t fulfil this inner need, we may swing to the shadow side of Scorpio, the opposite sign & sting others with our tail by crucifying them for their shadow traits or being overly controlling…yes, best to indulge the need for sensual pleasure.

The more pleasure we can allow ourselves to open to receive & enjoy the more available we are to ourselves & others emotionally as this helps unruffle our feathers & relax our defences.

Pleasure – the ultimate stress release!

Blessings on your day, may it be filled with pleasure. 🙂


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