Moon is still in Taurus & will soon be void, simply meaning it won’t be forming any major aspects before moving into Gemini later today at 12 noon Melbourne Australia time on Thursday, January 17. If you’re on the other side of the dateline & it’s still Wednesday in your neck of the woods, don’t worry this post is equally current for you. It’s only the date & time that differ.

So the lesson du jour…what are you holding on to which is no longer serving you?

Often we can hold on tightly to that which we’ve outgrown, for fear we won’t be loved by others if we dare do what is self-loving & self-honouring & acknowledge what has come full circle and let it go.

Taurus holds on dearly to what it has, even if it’s no longer healthy.
This is why Taurus energy must be balanced by it’s opposite polarity, Scorpio, the sign of death & rebirth if we are to be truly fertile in every aspect of our lives.

Understandably, putting on the cloak of the grim reaper is not fashionable in our death phobic culture, but it is ultimately necessary given life is a series of constant cycle of death & rebirth.

So if you want to birth a new set of conditions, a new phase or chapter in your life, consider what ritual you can create to help you move through it. (Scorpio is the ritualist of the 12 zodiac signs). And I’m not suggesting you need to have bat wings & smoking censors, just a clear intent anchored through meaningful action.

Blessings on your day,


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