Moon is now waxing in Taurus, so invest your time & energy in something that makes you feel GOOOOOD.

Sensual pleasure is the order of the day. So give yourself carte blanche permission to make this a day dedicated to the joys of the flesh.

Whether that’s a day free of chores at your fave spot of natural beauty, visiting your local patisserie or spending the day lolling about on satin sheets.

Alternatively, pamper yourself within an inch of your life. Put some spa music on & start with a pedicure & work upwards. There are some great recipes on Pintrest for creating your own natural beauty treatments using what you have in the pantry & fridge.

A great date for one, fun activity to do with all the family, your partner or invite some friends over for a lush out day.

Guaranteed to relax you so every cell smiles the rest of the month.

Blessings on your day,


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