Moon is still waxing in Taurus… Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is the most sensual, affectionate & loving of all the signs.

So, although it’s not yet Valentine’s Day do take a moment to consider the opportunity to celebrate all forms of love on this day, with acts of kindness & appreciation, which start with yourself.

For Taurus is the sign of self love which evokes our inner Aphrodite. She is the feminine aspect who governs our emotional energy center. When she’s empowered, regardless of our phsycial gender, we fill our cup with self-honouring choices. Whereas, when she is disempowered, we seek out someone to prove how lovable we are. Then if we are not successful in securing or maintaining the object of our desire, we comfort eat or drink.

If you would like to get of the roundabout of dysfunctional love – if you’d like to understand & empower your inner Aphrodite & all the facets of your psyche, consider joining me for a transformative journey in Greece at my Inner Goddess Retreat later this year

Blessings on your day
Tanishka XO


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