Moon is now in Taurus so this is going to be a lush day folks. Taurus moon reminds us to stop & smell the roses…to enjoy interacting with the the sensual world of nature with the innocence of a child to restore our sense of joy, wonder & pleasure.

Without this reconnection we can become hard, brittle & so tightly wound that everything becomes a chore to be endured.

Due to the fear & suppression of the feminine way of being in the world over the past 5000 years of patriarchal consciousness subsequent generations learned to dismiss their connection to the elements of the Earth Mother as an intrinsic & sacred part of life.

The result being today in our modern world of high tech machines, many only associate sensuality with sexuality. This is understandable when we consider that when we allow ourselves to feel & really inhabit the sensations of our body we then are more receptive & available to physical intimacy.

But one can be sensually awake & alive without feeling sexual. It is necessary for our immunity & vitality.

We innately are attuned to the sensuality of life as young children. We love exploring the natural realms through our five senses. There is nothing sexual about enjoying communion with nature with all her scents, textures, beauty & sounds.

So find a way to come home over the next day or so…to your body & to the natural world around you…otherwise life will pass you by.

As John Lennon said, ‘Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.’

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Blessings on your day,


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