Moon is still waxing in Taurus, the sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love…so if you haven’t already, show yourself some kindness by doing something that really nourishes you. This will help enable you to be more available to giving & receiving appreciation as the day progresses, so every moment feels truly blessed.

I would like to share some words that Spirit spoke through me to a friend some years ago, who had just had her breast removed. Having not journeyed that experience, I was humbled by what words I could speak to offer comfort…without thinking, these words flowed:

‘Breasts give life – that’s what they do – Your breast gave you the ultimate gift after giving that to your kids – regardless of the outcome. So maybe it’s about self-nurturance being your greatest love story.’

I felt to share this as I feel lack of self-care is pandemic. Culturally men often aren’t expected to develop these skills as much as girls growing up, so their female partners nurture their adult partners as one would a child, even when pouring their nurturance into their children. We’ve also held a patriarchal distortion of a ‘good woman’ as one who self-sacrifices which further encourages this imbalance so women continue to neglect themselves.

If we are to sustain our care of the Earth, we must honour our bodies as fractals of the Earth Mother…regardless of our gender. As adults, we are responsible for lovingly caring for our bodies…something every child must be equally encouraged to do through attuning to & responding to the signals being offered by their bodies.

Self care is the foundation for all healthy relationships, be they parent / child, friendships or intimate partnerships. Without this understanding put into practice, women’s breasts will continue to sound the alarm to remind us that our greatest love story yet to be told is how we learned to truly love, honour & cherish ourselves as divine beings in a human form.

If you need to increase your levels of self care, I recommend getting to know & empower your ‘inner mother’ – the archetype of Demeter who resides in our heart. To find out more read my book, ‘The Inner Goddess Makeover’ available as an ebook or paperback here, sign up for my ‘Inner Goddess Online Course’ here , or for the ultimate experience join me in Greece for my ‘Inner Goddess Retreat’ here

Blessings on your day & on your body,


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