Today is exact full moon in Taurus! This is a high energy day folks so don’t count on getting much sleep, despite this earthy sign liking to take things slow.

Taurus moon is a luscious energy to bathe in…heightening our senses and inviting us to commune with the pleasures and beauty of the natural world. So not a day to fixate on a screen if you can help it.

This is the transit of great lovers…so if your Aphrodite sighs heavily filled with the complaint of not having a lover to adequately appreciate her, invite your inner lover to make an advance!

We only pine for external love when our self love cup is low. So be lavish with yourself instead of miserly and gift yourself some quality time doing that with fills you with joy, such as something creative like painting to sensuous music or deeply relaxing like a massage or a floral bath.

Life is what we make it and Aphrodite when mature creates her life as an unfolding work of art. So ask yourself what postcard you are creating today with your choices and love yourself silly. 🙂

Blessings and love,