Today is the eve of the full moon in Taurus. Taurus is the sign of the master builder / Earth empress – one who actualises their visions in the material world, be they children or creative children.

So this climactic point of this taurus transit is likely to bring to a head any issues concerning whatever we’re building / creating / growing.

Taurus reminds us everything grows with love in action, embodied as patience, kindness and consistent effort to realise the latent potential. So if we’re skipped steps, fallen asleep at the wheel, avoided our responsibilities we’re likely to have to deal with it now and put in the love that’s needed for a good harvest.

Taurus reminds us to appreciate what we have. To not take our good fortune for granted. To bless our bounty. This is the energy that magnetises an abundance of goodness to us.

So take a moment to bless your good fortune, starting with your unique beauty, your capable body, the food you have to eat and the shelter you have from the elements. Bless the beauty of the changing of the day and how much more self love you’ve found in the past year. Remember, life is good and it will be so.

May your day be filled with moments of beauty,