Moon is now completely in Taurus so this is when sensual treats seem more appealing than other days…especially in the afternoon & evening as the lunar energy rises & the pleasures of the Goddess beckon.
If you have been treating yourself well with kind words, rest & leisure activities, the lure of cakes, chocolate & aged cheeses & wine will be somewhat less.
So perhaps schedule that massage or plan a bubble bath with candles after dinner if you want to avoid nursing a bucket of ice cream on the couch in front of a ‘rom com’ – in full shadow Aphrodite mode!
On a positive note, with Luna in Taurus it is an excellent time to focus on financial resources.

Just be mindful of the ‘Law of Diminishing Return’…the more you indulge, the less you enjoy & the worse you feel. Pace yourself so you don’t end up feeling red nosed & silly, this early in the festive season.

Blessings on your day,