Moon is now waxing in Taurus. Given the moon is waxing towards full moon, celebrations will be playful & with a Taurus moon, many may opt for sensual pleasure but be mindful of not overindulging in this sign.

What’s more, moon in Taurus can emphasize our need to dress like a peacock & be appreciated for our beauty. So…I would like to emphasize this for the Aphrodite (young lover) aspect in everyone, male or female & regardless of your age – know that substances alter our perception along with our ability to set self-loving & honoring boundaries. With Hades, the God of the underworld forming a harmonious aspect to the moon – you may be more likely to succumb to the exciting charms of one who lives in the shadows which you may later regret in the light of day.

Taurus asks us to be patient & take responsibility for the path our life takes – so remember every choice you make reflects how you see & value yourself. Everything is a reflection of that.

Blessings on your day