Moon’s still in Taurus so a good time to be mindful of not being so fixed in your ways that you become a ‘stick in the mud’. For Taurus asks us to question our relationship to the material world; to our possessions, resources & wealth.
Have you become so focused on generating wealth & ensuring your security that you’re afraid to spend a little & enjoy some of what you’ve worked so hard for?

In our modern world which places so much emphasis on ‘having & owning’ instead of ‘being & experiencing’ some of the wealthiest people live like paupers saving everything for a rainy day & living in scarcity whilst those who live on a fraction of their income allow themselves to really take a bite of the apple & live!

So if you have accumulated all your leave or been afraid to take time off from your own business perhaps now is the time to live a Divine life & allow yourself to let go & have some fun. Of course everything is about balance but we have been taught to invest in & prepare for our illness, injury & death but not for our health, joy & life! (The Taurean who inspired this post had two life insurance accounts but never spent anything on really living his life to the fullest!)

When we consider energy follows intent perhaps it is actually prudent to also set up a high interest account to have a small amount deducted from your earnings to build a nest egg for your divine pleasure – rather than investing in only your worst case scenario! So consider this an invitation to ponder how your inner lover could lavish some loving attention on yourself during this lunar transit through Taurus. Whether it’s buying yourself ticket to the ballet or opera, your favourite imported cheese, chocolate or booking a holiday mid-Winter to somewhere warm – you do deserve it, you are divine & worthy of living a divine life.

Blessings on your day,