Moon is moving from Aries into Taurus today so you may find you feel like slowing down as the day progresses. So if you’ve got stuff to do, get it done early otherwise it may not get done. Why? Moon in Taurus invites us to stop & enjoy the pleasures of life.

So the perfect day in alignment with Luna would be to go hard & fast then put your feet up with your favourite way to unwind!

This may also be a day when you experience a degree of resistance to your plans. So don’t be surprised if you feel conflicted internally about something you were dead keen for yesterday or if you’re met with external resistance to your grand plan for a daring new venture or fresh start as we move between the two signs… This is because Aries moon dares us to do the thing that scares us most, to create something that ultimately excites us beyond belief & Taurus moon questions any change as it doesn’t feel change is really necessary.

For Taurus values what it has – which is a lovely lesson for all of us in this fast-paced modern world where we can dispose all we acquire at a rapid rate as we tear through life with our foot firmly planted on the accelerator.

The challenge is for those with Taurus heavily aspected in their natal coordinates to realise that the wheel must turn…life must flow or we stagnate & no growth is possible.

Ideally, this shift between such different energies will help concretise your wildest ideas for change with some down-to-Earth common sense.

Blessings on your day,