Moon is now void and moving into Taurus at 12.36am Melbourne, Australia Friday, March 27th to find your time go to:  

You will feel more uplifted than usual by wearing colour the next couple of days. This is because Taurus stimulates the senses and evokes the creative self expression of our inner artist.

We often default to wearing dark colours when our inner light is feeling dim, cynical or burnt out by the demands of modern day life.

This is why teenagers wear a lot of black as they become increasingly aware of the shadow they see in human nature & the world around them. Black is good to wear if we want to contain our energy.

However, when we wear white we expand our energy field & each colour emanates at a different frequency so depending on whether we uplifting, soothing, grounding, passion etc we are drawn to wearing different colours

What colours are you wearing today & what is it telling you is most needed for your balance. Notice what colours everyone you relate to is wearing & interact with them accordingly!

Use this chart as a guide:

Red: Feeling passionate about change.

Orange: Desiring joy & play.

Yellow: Seeking mental stimulus.

Green: Feeling homely and nurturing.

Blue: Needing peace and calm.

Purple: Feeling unconventional.

Magenta: Seeking inspiration.

You can to express yourself in this way to release and/or have a deep bathe with your favourite colour bath bomb to ease any tension.

Luna is square to Jupiter which can lead to feelings of isolation, she is also sextile to Mercury so you will be able to freely and clearly communicate your thoughts.  Also, balancing and making the most of connections.

Luna is in conjunction with Uranus which can lead you to delve into your emotions to make a sudden clean sweep for new beginnings.

Blessings on your day,